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Ðề tài: nhờ sửa essay

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    Mặc định nhờ sửa essay

    em muốn nhờ anh sửa dùm em bài essay. em đang định apply vô truman state university nhưng mà writing của em rất kém (em học các môn tự nhiên khá hơn).

    "I was born in a poor highland province of Viet Nam – Gia Lai where studying aboard is just an unrealizable dream. The biggest dream of most parents here was their children were able to go to colleges in one of two biggest cities of Viet Nam -Ho Chi Minh City and Ha Noi capital. I do not remember when I started to dream about one day I could sit in a lecture theater of a US university. In my memories, I just know that this thinking have existed in my head long time ago
    One of reasons why people in my hometown rarely think about studying aboard is lacking information. We have some English teachers, some English tutor classes, but we do not have any professional schools or centers to teach English in a systematic way and provide students necessary information for studying in foreign countries. When internet develops, we can find more information but it is still not enough. At Gia Lai, any Ielts or Toeft tests have never been held.
    My parents have never had chances to go to colleges. With their great love for their children, they always want we have the best education. Therefore, they decided to move our home. Moving from Gia Lai to Ho Chi Minh City is the hardest decision of my family. It could give my sisters, my brother and me a better education and big chances to change our lives. However, we had to go without my mother. She accepted to stay in Gia Lai alone to keep my family’s income stably. The day when we moved, my mother silently standed in station, waved her hand to good bye us with two tears dropping on her face.
    As I have said, moving to Ho Chi Minh is a big chance to change our lives. If we did not move here, I would never know CIE and then would never know Truman state university. Being accepted by your university will help me nearer my dream. I believe that Truman state university will bring to me a good education which is a solid foundation for my future.
    I’m looking forward the acceptation from your university. This will a great gift for all of our efforts- for my attempt to study, for my father hard working, and for my mother’s scarification."

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    Mặc định Ðề: nhờ sửa essay

    Bài essay của cháu, tôi chẳng biết cháu muốn nói lên điều gì. Cháu muốn vào Truman State University thì phải theo các yêu cầu của trường. Dưới đây là đề của bài essay, cháu hãy lựa 1 mà viết:

    • 1. One Page Essay — choose ONE of the following essay topics:
      Note: This must be an original work on behalf of the applicant.
    • Describe an interesting experience you have had during your college admissions search. Đề này là dễ viết nhất
    • One of our international students is quoted as saying: "Truman is not the easiest way to get an education, but it is the easiest way to get an education that counts." Explain what attending Truman State University means to you. Đề này cháu phải có lập luận vững chắc
    • Discuss some issue of personal, local, national, or international concern and its importance to you. Nếu cháu chọn vấn đề du học để viết thì dễ hơn các chuyện thời sự
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    "The very young do not always do as they are told". The Nox

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