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Ðề tài: nhờ chú xem dùm vấn đề FA này của con

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    New nhờ chú xem dùm vấn đề FA này của con

    con không hiểu vấn đề nhờ chú giúp đỡ ? tại sao k phải là pell grant mà lại loan vậy chú

    What Happens Next

    - You will be notified when your FAFSA is processed.
    - Your FAFSA information will be made available to your school(s), and they will use it to determine the aid you may be eligible to receive.
    - Your school(s) will contact you if they need more information or when they are ready to discuss your financial aid award.
    - If you have questions about your financial aid package, contact your school(s)

    Eligibility Information

    Estimated Expected Family Contribution (EFC)= 00000

    The EFC is an index that schools use to determine your eligibility and is not the amount of money that you have to pay. Your school's financial aid office will use your EFC to determine the specific types and amounts of student aid you are eligible to receive.

    Based on the eligibility criteria you may be eligible for the following:

    Direct Stafford Loan Estimate - $20,500.00

    You may also be eligible to receive other federal, state, or institutional grants, scholarships, and/or work-study.

    In addition, you should learn about federal tax benefits for education, including the American Opportunity Tax Credit (AOTC).

    If you have questions, visit and click the "Help" icon on the FAFSA home page.

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    Mặc định Ðề: nhờ chú xem dùm vấn đề FA này của con

    Cháu xem lại phần
    1 - "Income" của cháu và cha mẹ
    2 -
    When you begin the 2013-2014 school year, what will be your
    grade level?

    CHọn "Never attended college and 1st year undergraduate "

    When you begin the 2013-2014 school year, what degree or certificate
    will you be working on?

    chon "1st bachelor’s degree"

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