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Ðề tài: Mong chú VHa08 xem Câu hỏi phỏng vấn cháu đã soạn sẵn

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    Mặc định Mong chú VHa08 xem Câu hỏi phỏng vấn cháu đã soạn sẵn

    Chào chú VHa08
    Cháu xin trình bày trường hợp của cháu như sau:
    Thông tin của cháu:
    • Họ và tên: Nguyễn Phương Dung - Ngày sinh: 26-06-1983
    • Nick trên diễn đàn: phuongdunglotus
    • Quá trình học vấn của cháu:
    • 2001: Tốt nghiệp THPT loại giỏi 8.1
    • 2002-2005: Tốt nghiệp Cao đẳng Hoa Sen – Điểm tốt nghiệp: 7.1
    • 2005-2010: đi làm
    • Trình độ ngoại ngữ (Anh văn): Bằng TOEIC 480
    • Ba mẹ cháu về hưu, không có income nhiều, chưa đi du lịch
    • Sổ tiết kiệm: 800 triệu
    • Ba mẹ cháu có hồ sơ bảo lãnh diện F4, nhưng trong hồ sơ không có tên cháu
    • Cháu dự định sang học khóa Fall-2013, và học anh Văn trước
    Cháu chọn trường California East Bay. Cháu đã nộp đơn vào Master Computer Science và English Training, bên Master đã chấp nhận cháu, hiện giờ cháu đang đợi bên Anh văn trả lời và gửi thư Conditional Accept Letter.
    Trong khoảng thời gian này, cháu luyện thi IELTS 5.5. Cháu đọc hết topic trên diễn đàn, và soạn sẵn câu hỏi có thể gặp trong lúc phỏng vấn, chú xem giúp cháu nội dung như vậy được không nha chú, cám ơn chú

    1. Good afternoon sir, I am here today for student visa interview, how do you do sir?
    2. Im fine, i will try my best answer ur question by Eng but if i cant please allow me speak Vietnamese

    3. What are you doing now?
    I am working as Web Development Designer. My task included; met customer, got customer’s requirement, analyst requirement, design layout and coded web.

    4. When and where did you get your Bachelor degree?
    I got my Bachelor degree in 2005 at Lotus University. After that I transfer Open University and graduated in 2012.

    5. Why do you choose to study in the US?
    U.S is higher education system and there are over 765,000 international students are currently studying. And there are 4.900 colleges, university with choices in more than 900 fields of study. I am easy to find out one major suit for me.

    6. Which schools do u choose?
    I choose California University State East Bay, 25800 Carlos Bee Boulevard, Hayward, CA 94542

    7. Why do you choose this school?

    Before studying abroad, I have one year to search school. I find out some of universities such as: San Jose State, Santa Cruz University and Golden Gate. Both of San Jose and Santa Cruz are lot of Vietnam students that is hard for me to improve English skill beside their tuition fee are high (San Jose $372/unit, Santa Cruz $271/unit)
    Finally, I choose CSEB because:
    CSEB State University is a part of The CSU system which is a regional leader in Teacher Education, student-focused higher education
    It’s not far from my uncle to there, it’s about one hour.
    It’s the lowest tuition fee compare another university and I afford to pay

    8. Tell me something about your school?
    The University has established in 1957. California State University, East Bay is known for award winning programs, expert instruction, small classes, a highly personalized learning environment—and a choice of more than 100 career-focused fields of study

    9. What will you study in the United States?
    I will study for the M.S. in Computer Science at CSEB

    10. Why do you want to get a Master’s degree in the USA, not any other country?

    First, - I‘ve been working with position as Web Development in 8 years, my job is related to field computer programming and development technology. During my time working, I realized that is nothing develops than modern technology; therefore, I need to learn so that gives me platform knowledge higher and wider.
    Secondly, after working a long time, I had saved enough money to pay fee for Master course. And figure out that the MBA program and degree was originally developed in the United States and was introduced in the early 1900s. Even today, an MBA degree from a leading institution in the US has great value throughout the world. Finally, I choose MBA program in U.S

    11. How long will you study?

    First, I will study pre MBA include: English and GMAT about 1 year. After that I attend MBA course major for 2 years to get M.S Computer Science degree. But I try my best to finish as soon to come back my country

    12. What will you study in M.S course? Or Can you say something about your major?
    • Technical competence to: design and implement large and complex computer programs and use modern programming techniques, and use software engineering design principles;
    • Computer Science theory including: mathematical problem solving skills, design and analysis of a wide variety of algorithms, understanding of computer architecture and operating system concepts, analysis of programming languages;
    • Able to work effectively as a team member;
    • Able to communicate effectively, both in written and oral form.

    13. Why don’t you study abroad after graduating university?
    • After graduation, like many other fresh graduates, I take time to find my job and want to get more experience. Besides, I also apply my knowledge learned from university to work.
    • After working for a long time, I realized that my strong and my weakness in my knowledge career, so I go on to further and I choose MBA course

    14. Why don’t you study MBA in Viet Nam?
    In VN, there haven’t a lot of course about Master program in Computer Science. Besides, I want to approach advanced industrial or research position to become a good manager with international Degree. I think studying abroad will give me more successful career.
    15. What will you do after graduation? What do you plan to when you go back?
    OPT program allow me to work for 12 months ( and 17 months extension for STEM) It will look better on my resume if I have some experiences in US.
    I will reward myself by travelling
    16. Do you want to get a part-time job while studying in US?
    International student is permitted to work 20 hours per week on campus; I may volunteer or participate in community work.

    17. Why din’t you take TOEFL test
    • I communicated with HCC advisor, and was informed that even with TOEFL, all new students must take a placement test call “COMPASS Test” and base on the test score, I will be place in ESL or English classes according to my test score. Study abroad is very costly, so every penny count, I do not want to waste my parent’s hard-earned-money. On my opinion, TOEFL is a waste of money.
    • I think learning English in a English speaking country will make the best opportunities and conditions so that I enhance my skills for a short time and acquire the main course well.

    18. How much will you spend for your study per year?
    • It costs about US$26,451 for study every year with 12 units for 3 quarter terms.
    • Tuition and fees: US$ 15,975
    • Living expenses: US$ 10,476

    19. How do you pay this course
    My account bank have 1 billion dongs

    20. How many siblings do you have?
    Me and older brother

    21. What ‘s your father’s/mother’s job?
    My father and my mother is retire, but they
    22. How can your parents pay for your study?/ How can ur family pay for your tuition in the US while they are in Viet Nam?
    When coming to the US, I will ask the school to instruct me to open a student account. And my parents will transfer money to my student account

    23. Prove to me that you will return to your home country? Would you like to stay in US if you have a chance?
    OPT program allow me to work for 12 months ( and 17 months extension for STEM) It will look better on my reseme if I have some experiences in US.

    24. Tại sao gia đình em có hồ sơ bảo lãnh, em không chờ lại muốn du học bây giờ?
    Em và gia đình ĐÃ có ý định sinh sống ở Mỹ, tôi không tin em sẽ trở về, sau khi học xong?
    Tại sao em không đợi bảo lãnh xong, như vậy sẽ ít tốn kém hơn?

    CO, money can buy many things, even fake love, however, there is one thing that money can never buy back is "Lost time". Would you like to hear my argument about this
    We are well aware, immigration process take times, some cases take years of waiting.
    My parents & I KNEW, study in U.S as an international student, costs lots of money. My parents & I careful calculated, this investment will have huge reward in return.
    By paying for all education cost, my family & I and are contributing to the American economics, and I will not be a burden to the American tax payer , you should encourage and approve my visa.

    CO, I don't want to insult your intelligence. If, I overstay my visa for 1 year, by U.S immigration law, I will be ban for 10 years (180 days overstay ban for 3 years). Sooner or later, I will become a U.S citizen, there is no reason for me to violate U.S law.

    25. What make you think I will approve your visa?
    That is why I am here for today. Prove to you and convince you to issue my visa.

    26. .I thinks you will try to stay in the US?
    America is a wonderful country; I already have a long term plan.

    27. I think you will try to find a job and stay in the US after you get your degree.
    As you are well aware, for a fraction of salary compare to US, I can have a very good life in my country.
    What will you do if your parents ran out the money and could not afford your study well?
    You have been in my country for awhile think you already knew, Vietnamese parents will sacrifice anything to make sure their children have the best education. It might happen; I think it will be very rare.

    28. What difficulties do you think you may encounter in the US?
    Of course, there will be problems and difficulties, but I will adapt.

    29. If, when in school, You fall in love with a US citizen,this guy proposes you, will you agree?
    My purpose is to study and get my degree. The future cannot be predicted

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    Mặc định Ðề: Mong chú VHa08 xem Câu hỏi phỏng vấn cháu đã soạn sẵn

    Hi chị,
    Em cũng là sinh viên Hoa Sen. Em vừa mới tốt nghiệp. Em mới xin học MBA trường California State University San Bernardino. Em vừa mới bị trường đó từ chối I-20 vì họ nói trường mình " is a non-accredited university". Em đã viết thư phàn nàn để họ xét lại. Chị có thể cho em info để liên lạc với chị được không? Email của em là

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    Jun 2011
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    Mặc định Ðề: Mong chú VHa08 xem Câu hỏi phỏng vấn cháu đã soạn sẵn

    e gửi mail liên hệ với c tại đây:, c xin vào trường california state east bay, chị xin vào học english trước sau đó mới vào học master

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    Mặc định Ðề: Mong chú VHa08 xem Câu hỏi phỏng vấn cháu đã soạn sẵn

    Trường hợp của chị Dung giống em. Em có bằng TOEFL 420 không đủ dk trường là 500, nên trường tranfer em qua 1 CC để luyện English. Trường đã chấp nhận và em trong giai đoạn chờ I20.

    Em lo tuổi lớn nên sợ bị từ chối. "Tôi nghĩ cô qua đây để lấy chồng"

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