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Ðề tài: xin giup dum em voi

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    Mặc định xin giup dum em voi

    Me em bao lanh chu em nam 2005, den nam2009 nha em chuyen dia chi, cho toi nay me em moi goi len doi dia chi va sau do uscis gui cho me em 1 la thu co noi dung la
    We have received your request and researched your case.Our records indicate that on October 08, 2009 your application was denied for failure to respond to a request for additional evidence.We sent the denial notice to you at the address we had on file for you at that time.The notice was not returned to us as undeliverable by the post office.Your file is no longer with our office. You may request a copy of your file including the denial by filling a form G639.You can download this form by visiting our website at follow all instructions provided with the form
    Cac anh chi em giup em voi, cam on ACE nhieu lam.

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