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Ðề tài: Admission essay, nhờ các anh chị cô chú review và gợi ý

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    Mặc định Admission essay, nhờ các anh chị cô chú review và gợi ý

    A New Life

    Twenty-four hours after the airplane took off from Ho Chi Minh City, I walked out of the San Francisco airport with my family to reunion with my grandparents, aunts, and uncles after twenty years separated. When I saw the Golden Gate from the airplane’s windows, a new journey of my life was started.

    First day in the States, everything was very new to me, I just like a newborn baby started to knowledge things. California welcomed my family with a very cold weather. After few days, I started to plan my future. With the ideas I had about rich and powerful America, I hoped that my family and I would have a beautiful life. The reality was totally different from what I expected. The economy of the States was decreasing and everybody was struggling to find a job. My father and my mother could not find a job at that time, especially when they don’t speak English. Luckily for me, a month after I got to the States, I got my driver license and a job at a liquor store. I was very happy at that time because I could support my parents. Not very long before I had the job, my parents told me that they wanted me to go to school and they can take care of our family. However, I knew that they need my helps and they just worried for my future. In my mind, I talked to myself that I will do everything to help my family and I will get a degree sooner of later, it is just few years postpone.

    Few months later, my father and my mother got their job, my sister went to high school, and everything seemed like get on the track. I reduced my work hours and went to a college close to my apartment. It was 3 years since the last time I went to university back in Vietnam. The feeling of coming back to school was so good to me. I felt so thankful that I still got a chance to go to school to pursuit my education goals. I wrote down the plan how I will finish my two years college and transfer to a university to get my mechanical engineer Bachelor. A year later, my mother and my father lost their jobs, and the cost of living in California is increasing everyday. After many days of concerning, we decided to move to Dallas, Texas, where my uncle is living. I was sad and worry at that time. I had to leave place that I was getting used to it, and stopped go to school, my education goal was in doubt. Luckily, I got a job at my cousin’s nails salon after a week we moved here. Few months later, my dad has a job and my mother started to work at another nails salon. Once again, I have my chance to continue my education; I enrolled to Richland College for fall semester 2012. Dallas has treated our family very well.

    Sitting here and writing this essay, my memory flashed back what I been through since I moved to the States. I am so happy to have opportunity to go to school and continue pursuit my goal. Yesterday, I talked to my parents and told them that I will get my associate degree this summer, and I will transfer to university to get my mechanical engineer Bachelor as I planed when we first came to the States. I could see how happy they are through their eyes. Getting into a university, I feel like I just get a step closer to my education goal. Abraham Lincoln said: “I walk slowly, but I never walk backward.” I know that I will fulfill my education goal if I try as hard as I can, no matter what will happen. Successful will be in my hand if I keep following my goal and meet it. For me, making my family happy and taking care of my parents is successfully thing for me. Furthermore, helping the society and other people would make me very happy. Back in Vietnam when I went to University, every summer, I join the green summer campaign with my friends. We came to countryside and helped poor families and taught little kids how to write and read while they did not have chance to go to school. I enjoyed this activity very much and I hope that I will have more chances to help other people.

    Four years, it is not a long time but my life has changed a lot since the day I came to this country. Spending here for four years, I have gained many life and work experiences. I am happy because my family’s life is stable. Moreover, I have my chance to go back to school and pursuit my education goals. It is a new beautiful life for me.

    Con cám ơn rất nhiều ạ.

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