Gui chu VHA08,
Con nho chu xem giup chau bai luan nop dai hoc.
Topic cua con la: Recount an incident or time when you experienced failure. How did it affect you, and what lessons did you learn?

Knocking the door.
I was lying on bed and thinking about the hopeful response from US Consulate. Students in American had already gone to class while I was waiting here-Vietnam. The deadline of enrollment was approaching closer day by day; my situation became worse. Time was passing rapidly while the door of my opportunity was closing slowly.
It was two weeks before. I woke up early in the morning to prepare for visa interview- last process to study in the States. Dressing on the best clothes, I was standing outside US Consulate along with ambitious and optimistic people before 8 o’clock. All of us had the one common desire: one day stepping on the promising land-America. Entering the gate, I could feel the heat and pressure inside. My heart was jumping in my chest rapidly. There was a mysterious silence. Was it illegal to make a sound or people were building invisible walls around? I hold my hands and prayed to God to kill my biggest enemy- NERVOUSNESS. Then, I heard a voice from black speakers calling me: “Number 5-0-2! Please come to counter 5!”
A ticket of journey was waiting for me at that table; I had to win it by myself. Answering the questions fluently, I believed I had already put one leg in that world. However, I was beaten by an easy question: “Who was your Biology teacher last year?” It happened like a soccer match that my favorite team- Arsenal- lost 0-1 at the 90th minute.
Suddenly, my mouth could not speak a word. Sweat dripped down my face and heart was beating rapidly as I had just finished a sprinting run. The connection of neuron tried to open every lockers of brain to meet the question. The tension became greater when patience of that officer started to lose. I no longer took control the situation, so I lost the game.
My legs walked slowly and the road to home seemed to be longer than normal days. The sun kept shining and white clouds kept flowing, but that day was totally different. I took a nap to forget the reality. In a dream, I saw a broken mirror that reflected my images turned into the new one.
I opened a bunch of tabs on laptop to study my case and joined in hundreds of forums to ask questions and find a hope for my dream. However, the response from the virtual world brought only confusion and worry: the second interview would be more demanding. My job for all day was typing on Google:” Visa denial” and “How to be calm and confident?” There was no sign of belief.
Fortunately, I found an interesting video that offered me a torch to escape that dark cave. In the snapshot from movie The pursuit of happiness, Will Smith said to his son:” If you have a dream, you have to protect it” That statement woke me up from a nightmare; I began to act. I looked over all my documents and arranged them logically in my folder. I searched common interview questions and practiced answering in front of mirror. The picture of nervous and callow boy disappeared. In the mirror, I saw a gentleman smiling at me. I challenged myself to reach that achievement. My chance came and I learnt how to exploit it. I talked to my heart:” Are you for a new life?”
The joy of success was difficult to describe. Especially, I got a visa two days before the US government would shut down. The happiness multiplied to follow exponential function. I took a risk to get what I desired because I dared to live with my real man.