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mình là thành viên mới tham gia diễn đàn .mong mọi người giúp đỡ

case number :HCm2013796011
PD : 26/8/2013

Đầu tháng chồng mình có nhận được 1 bức email với tựa đề là "Checklist cover letter "

Phần 1:
We reviewed the documents you submitted to us. This letter has a list of documents that are missing or
that need additional information. Please review the instructions and send us the required information. If
you do not provide this information, it will delay your immigrant visa interview.
If you have any questions about this letter, please send us an email at or call us at
(603) 334-0700 between 7:00am and 12 midnight U.S. Eastern Time.
When you send us your response, include a copy of this letter. Also, clearly write your case number
HCM2013796011 on the upper right-hand corner of every document you send.
After you email or mail the requested information, allow us 60 business days to review your response.
When we complete our review, we will send you information about the next processing step.
If a period of one year passes without contacting the NVC (by email, telephone, or mail), all
submitted fees and documents will expire. If this happens, you will need to resubmit the fees and
documents to continue the immigration process.
Case Number: HCM2013796011
Beneficiary's Name: TO, SUONG HUE
Priority Date: 26AUG2013
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Phần 2 :
______F - FINANCIAL EVIDENCE:______________________________________
We have finished reviewing your case. We will tell you when we set an interview
date for your case. Please do not contact the U.S. Embassy or Consulate in HO
CHI MINH CITY, VIETNAM about your interview until we give you the date.
We saw that either your Affidavit of Support was incomplete, some of your
supporting documents were missing, or both. We have marked the missing items
on the checklist below.
You should send any of the missing items to SUONG HUE TO so he or she can
take them to the visa interview. The Consular Officer will review the missing
items at the time of the interview.
Please pay special attention to any items related to the Affidavit of Support form.
If the checklist shows any problems with the form, you should complete a new
form and send it to SUONG HUE TO.
If you do not send the missing information to SUONG HUE TO, his or her visa
application could be delayed or denied.
If you need a new Affidavit of Support form, you can find it at

phần 3 :
PHAM, OANH THI Form I-864, Affidavit of Support, & Financial Evidence
Please review the instructions below then refer to the final page of this checklist for mailing
I-864, Affidavit of Support Checklist
[x] The NVC recently completed our review of your visa case. While you meet the minimum qualifications for a visa
interview to be scheduled your Affidavit of Support contained one or more sections with missing or incorrect
information. Please review the additional instructions below then complete a new Affidavit of Support. (You can
download the I-864 form and instructions at Once you have completed the new
Affidavit of Support, please provide it to the principal applicant to bring to his or her visa interview. Do not submit
your new Affidavit of Support to the NVC, as doing so will reopen your case and cause processing delays.
In Part 1. Basis for Filing Affidavit of Support, please correct the following...
In Part 2. Information on the Principal Immigrant, please correct the following...
In Part 3, Information on the Immigrant(s) You are sponsoring, please correct the following...
In Part 4. Information on the Sponsor, please correct the following...
In Part 5. Sponsor's Household Size, please correct the following...
In Part 6. Sponsor's Income and Employment, please correct the following...
In Part 8, Sponsor's Contract, please correct the following...
The Form I-864 we received was missing the following page(s). Please ensure you include all nine pages when you
resubmit the form.
You must submit the following financial evidence:
[x] Proof of current employment (examples: a recently dated job letter, pay stub, or a copy of your business license).
NVC Special Instructions

Phần 4
Checklist for I-864A (filed by PHAM, OANH THI )
NVC has reviewed the financial evidence submitted. However, additional information is
required to complete the financial evidence review. Please provide all requested documents and
refer to page two for mailing instructions.
Forms Missing or Incomplete
[x] If you have returned your original form to us, these are the items that are still incorrect or missing. If you
need another form, please go to to download a new form and
complete instructions.
Part 1 Information on the Household Member
[x] ___PHAM, OANH THI______________________________'s income indicated on line 11 of the
I-864A does not correspond to that shown on the most recent tax return.
[SSM 11/05/2014] HCM2013796011

cho em hỏi các anh chị trên diễn đàn
1. "hồ sơ bên NVC cần bổ sung thì lúc em đi lãnh sự quán phỏng vấn đem theo cho phái đoàn coi là được , đúng không ?"
2. Với lại chồng em đã kiểm tra lại những thứ bên NVC nói trong email ,bên em lúc làm bảo trợ tài chính đã có điền đầy đủ hết rồi.nếu vậy cho em hỏi nên giải quyết như thế nào, ths!