Em cần tư vấn cho visa lần 2, lần 1 do bản thân quá ngu, nên run và... Failed
Năm 3, bách khoa, học bạ cấp 3 tốt, bảng điểm đại học k tốt vì thực sự k thích học
có bà con ơ carolina đang kí học ở oregon
- what will you do in ú?
- i will study to get international degree
- why dont u continue to study in vn!
- after 2 years studying in environmental technology , i come to release that i have made a biggest mistake in my life, i have been studying wrong major, us school give me a second chance to start over
- why do u choose this school?
When i plan to study abroad, i searched imformation and know some famous school such as RCC, .... Finally i choose Lane cc for many reasons, it is friendly environment, teachers are qualified and skilled, the number of student ín class are preety small, and this school will also master to practical my skills
- what will you do after graduating?
my purpose is get an international degree, and comeback to vn to help my parents business and take care them.
and you know, the future cant predicted.
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