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Topic: Discuss an accomplishment or event, formal or informal, that marked your transition from childhood to adulthood within your culture, community, or family.
After the conversation, there wasn’t any sound in my house. My sister cried and ran off the house, my mom was crying in her bedroom and my dad was smoking outside the balcony. I didn’t know what just happened. My dad was leaving his family, he betrayed my mother. I guess I didn’t shock at the moment when my dad told my family about his decision. The following day, my father left. I didn’t cry or sad at all, I felt resentment and hatred instead.
Everything after a week went back to normal , the departure of my dad couldn’t change the life of a strong women like my mom, but for me, it was strange not having my dad at home. I didn’t get used to the dark and the dead silent outside the living room since dad often stayed up late till midnight when he was home. It was hard for me learning to face with it at first. I was so scared that I even cried and missed my dad so much, but then, I tried my best to get the rid of it by singing something out loud.
Life of three women was much different from four’s. It was the first time I learnt to use the driller, I even figured out myself how to fix the electricity and some of the house’s furniture. My life also didn’t as easy as before my dad left away because my mom’s salary just to make ends meet. Therefore, I tried to save money from even the smallest things like recollecting old papers for selling, cutting down my breakfast or not buying junk food. I started to think more about my future, nothing was more important than helping my family to get out of the financial problem and to give my mom and my sister a better life, so I studied harder than ever. I remember the irritated feeling when I heard the alarm clock at 2:00 a.m every morning to wake up and study.

Nine months after my dad left away, I was a centimeter taller and I had also grown up mentally. Nine months wasn’t a long period, however, that “nine months” was certainly one of the most memorable time in my life that not only did I learn to be more independent but I also became more responsible with family. I can still feel my happiness when my mom and my sister said they was proud of what I had done to help them and they were appreciate the way I dealt with all the problem on my own. I still cry sometimes when I think about my dad, I miss him so bad and hope that he would come back one day, he probably couldn’t imagine how I have changed.