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Ðề tài: Ds 3032

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    Mặc định Ds 3032

    Chào ACE trong diễn đàn, cho mình hỏi : người bảo lảnh đã đóng 88$ rồi và mình đã nhận được DS3032 điền xong ký tên scan và gởi mail +post rồi mà NVC lại báo chưa nhận được. NVC gởi cho mình và người bảo lảnh Document cover sheet vậy bước tiếp theo mình phải làm gì .... giúp mình với ,vì mình là thành viên mới ,nếu có gì sơ xuất xin chỉ giáo !!cám ơn ACE nhiều

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    Jun 2010
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    Mặc định Ðề: Ds 3032

    bạn thuộc diện F mấy? bạn gửi mail thôi hả có gửi thêm đường Bưu Điện không lên gửi cả 2 phương án trên.Nếu họ chưa nhận được thì mình gửi lại cho họ vậy

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    Mặc định ðề: F4 pd 5/23/2001

    Mình diện f4 PD:5/23/2001 .nhận được DS3032 ngày 13/8 ngày hôm sau mình vừa gởi mail+ post nhưng hôm nay lại nhận đươc của NVC
    1377 ANTONIO LN.
    SAN JOSE, CA 95117-3602
    *HCM2005808084* PAOSF I-130 UNIVERSAL
    August 19, 2010
    NVC Case Number: HCM2005808084
    The immigrant visa petition filed on behalf of PHONG XUAN TRUONG has arrived at the National Visa Center
    (NVC) for processing. Our records indicate that the current address of the principal applicant is:
    73/12E DUONG BA TRAC
    F1 Q.8 TP. HO CHI MINH
    If this address is not correct, send the correct address to the National Visa Center (NVC) immediately.
    You must pay the Affidavit of Support (AOS) fee ($88.00) before we can begin processing your petition.
    The NVC has established a program for the E-Mail/Electronic Processing of immigrant visa applications.
    E-Mail/Electronic Processing can reduce immigrant visas processing time substantially. E-Mail/Electronic
    Processing is available to a limited number of Embassies/Consulates.
    If your case will be processed in:
    􀂷 Ashgabat, Turkmenistan, you must submit forms and documents electronically via e-mail.
    􀂷 Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, and you are pursuing one of the following type of visas, you must submit forms
    and documents electronically via e-mail:
    􀂷 CR1 Conditional Spouse of United States Citizen
    􀂷 CR2 Conditional Child of United States Citizen
    􀂷 IR1 Spouse of United States Citizen
    􀂷 IR2 Child of United States Citizen
    􀂷 Guangzhou, China, or Montreal, Canada, you may choose to submit forms and document either
    electronically via e-mail or physically via postal mail.
    􀂷 Any other Embassy/Consulate, you must submit forms and documents physically by postal mail.
    You must follow the instructions that apply to your case. If you will submit forms and documents electronically,
    you must follow the Electronic Processing instructions provided at If you will
    submit forms and documents physically, you must follow the instructions below. You may still communicate
    with the NVC via e-mail even if you do not submit forms and documents electronically.
    Fee Payment Instructions:
    1. DO NOT send fee payments to the National Visa Center's Portsmouth, New Hampshire facility.
    This will DELAY processing of the visa petition.
    2. Go to and click the "Fee Collection" link, then the "Online Payment"
    link, and then follow the instructions displayed.
    3. Three days after making your online payment, you must:
    a. Return to the Online Payment website to view your payment receipt, which will give you instructions
    for the next step. You can print a copy for your records. DO NOT send a copy to the NVC.
    b. Print a "Document Cover Sheet" for each fee paid, or save a PDF copy to print later.
    c. Go back to the receipt page and click the "Go to Affidavit of Support Processing Instructions" link.
    Documents must be submitted to the NVC as outlined inthe Electronic Processing section of the site.
    Payers who are unable to pay online must follow alternative payment instructions. Go to and click the "Fee Collection" link, then the "Alternative Payment
    Method" link, and then follow the directions displayed.
    Important Notes:
    1. If the applicant intends to adjust status with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services
    (USCIS), please contact the NVC before making any payments or taking further action.
    2. If a period of one year passes without communication to the NVC, all documents and fees expire
    and must be resubmitted to resume the immigration process.
    3. Children who pass 21 years of age after the petition was originally approved by the USCIS become
    ineligible to accompany or join the applicant(s) immigrating to the United States under the original
    petition. In some situations, the Child Status Protection Act (CSPA) may allow children to remain
    eligible beyond 21 years of age. If you believe that the CSPA applies to this case, please send a
    detailed explanation to the NVC. We will forward it to the U.S. Embassy/Consulate General for a
    National Visa Center
    Visa Information
    If you have specific questions about a case, please contact the NVC. The preferred method of
    communication is e-mail.
    E-mail The NVC's e-mail address is
    In order to ensure a prompt response:
    - Enter your case number in the Subject Line of the e-mail.
    - Include the applicant's name and date of birth, and the petitioner's name and date of
    birth in the body of the e-mail.
    - If the petition is employment-based, include the company/organization name.
    - Ask about only one case per e-mail.
    24 Hour An automated recorded message system is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to
    Information answer case status inquiries (603-334-0700).
    Customer Customer Service Representatives are available to respond to inquiries Monday through
    Service Friday from 7:30 AM to 12:00AM Eastern Standard Time (EST)
    Postal Mail National Visa Center
    Attn: WC
    31 Rochester Avenue, Suite 200
    Portsmouth, NH 03801-2909
    When contacting the National Visa Center about an immigrant visa case, always include the following
    Name of Principal Applicant
    Principal Applicant's Date of Birth
    Name of Petitioner
    Petitioner's Date of Birth
    Case Number
    Please Note: If a period of one year passes without communication to the NVC, all submitted fees and
    documents expire and must be resubmitted to resume the immigration process.
    OMB No. 1405-0126 __
    EXPIRATION DATE: 12/31/2006 __
    ESTIMATED BURDEN: 10 minutes __
    Make sure the address is complete and correct. We will use this address for future mailings
    HCM2005808084 ***
    U.S. Department of State
    For Immigrant Visa Applicants
    Print or type your full name
    Check one box only to the left of the statement that is your choice.
    [ ] I appoint _________________________________________________ ______________________
    Telephone Number
    as my agent or attorney to receive mail about my application. Mail from the U.S. Department of State concerning my
    immigrant visa application should be sent to:
    ____________________________________________________ ___________________
    Name of the person who will act as your agent or attorney for receipt of mail Telephone Number
    ____________________________________________________ ___________________
    Street address (where my agent or attorney will receive mail about my application) *Email Address
    ________________ ___________________________ _____________ ______________
    City State/Province Postal Code Country
    [ ] I do not appoint an agent or an attorney to receive mail about my application. Mail from the U.S.
    Department of State concerning my immigrant visa application should be sent to me at:
    _____________________________________________________ ___________________
    Street address (include "in care of" if needed) *Email Address
    _________________ ___________________________ _____________ ______________
    City State/Province Postal Code Country
    [ ] I have already legally immigrated to the U.S. and do not need to apply for an immigrant visa. I received my
    Green Card through the ________________________________(city) USCIS office. My A# is
    [ ] I no longer wish to apply for an immigrant visa.
    As proof of your choice, sign and date this document:
    ___________________________________________________ ________________
    Signature of Applicant Date of Signature (mm-dd-yyyy)
    Public reporting burden for this collection of information is estimated to average 10 minutes per response. Persons are not required to provide this
    information in the absence of a valid OMB approval number. Send comments on the accuracy of this estimate of the burden and recommendations for
    reducing it to: U.S. Department of State (A/ISS/DIR) Washington, DC 20520-1849.
    *The Department is currently testing an electronic application system for nonimmigrant visa application that will allow electronic submission and eliminate
    paper forms. Once testing on this application is completed the Department is examining whether or not the system can be used for the immigrant visa
    DS-3032 Page 1 of 1
    Information about the DS-3032
    Choice of Agent and Address Form
    Unless an adjustment of status in the United States is requested, after approving an immigrant visa
    petition filed in the United States, the U.S Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS), forwards it to
    the National Visa Center (NVC) where the State Department's immigrant visa process begins. If the
    petition is for a visa applicant whose priority date is not likely to be reached in the next year, the petition
    will be stored at the NVC until that priority date is reached.
    When there is an immediate visa available or likely to be available within the next nine months, NVC
    will send a letter enclosing the Choice of Agent and Address Form (DS-3032) to all of the applicants
    with a few exceptions. The DS-3032 will not be sent to the applicant when an attorney represents the
    applicant (and the USCIS file contains the appropriate designation that an attorney has been retained) or
    when the visa applicant will be the adopted child of the petitioner.
    The DS-3032 permits the applicant to name an agent to receive correspondence from NVC and requires
    applicants still interested in immigrating to tell NVC where to send mail about their visa request. The
    letter tells the applicant that they may choose someone, including the petitioner or a non-profit
    organization, to be their agent or they may elect to continue to receive the correspondence themselves.
    The applicant must complete and sign the DS-3032 and return it to the NVC before processing can
    continue. Given the difficulties often encountered with international mail, we encourage applicants to
    seek an agent with a U.S. postal address.
    So that you, as the petitioner, can understand any questions that the applicant may have about the
    DS-3032, we have enclosed a copy of it for you. While only the applicant can sign the DS-3032, you
    may send or fax a copy of the enclosed form to the applicant, if you learn that he or she has not received
    it. The applicant can then complete, sign, and return the DS-3032 to NVC. The mailing address for the
    DS-3032 is:
    National Visa Center
    Attention ACL
    31 Rochester Ave., Suite 200
    Portsmouth, NH 03801
    For more information about the State Department's immigrant visa process, please visit the Department
    of State website at Or you can contact NVC as shown on the following
    Như vậy hổng biết làm sao ,mình rối quá vì trình độ AV mình có hạn xin ACE giúp

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    Mặc định Ðề: ðề: F4 pd 5/23/2001

    Nếu bạn đã gửi DS3032 cho NVC rồi thì thôi, vì đây chính là DS3032 NVC gửi cho bạn.
    Người chân thật sẽ gặp ... người chân giả

    Một con ngựa đau cả tàu ... được ăn thêm cỏ.

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