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National Visa Center

Attn: CMR
31 Rochester Ave. Suite 100
Portsmouth , NH 03801-2914

Object: Case Number [Số hồ sơ HCM]

Dear Madam or Sir:

You will enclosed forms DS-230 and civil documents for myself and all my accompanying members. However, my son [or daughter] whose full name is [tên họ của người con] and date of birth was [ngày sanh của người con] and who is a F-1 student in the United States will adjust his [or her] status at the time I as a principal applicant am granted permanent resident status. Indeed, my immigrant category allows derivative status for my children.

He [or she] is currenly living at [địa chỉ bên Mỹ của người con]. You can join him by dialing [số điện thoại + mã số vùng].

Please note that I was born on [ngày sanh của đương đơn chính], in [nơi sanh]. As for my petitioner, his [or her] name is [tên họ của người bảo lãnh] and his [or her] date of birth was [ngày sanh].

Looking forward to hearing from you as soon as possible, I remain.

Truly yours

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