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Ðề tài: Hcm2010534028 pd 17mar2005

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    Mặc định Hcm2010534028 pd 17mar2005

    Xin ACE giúp đỡ : tôi mới nhận giấy nay mong ACE giải thích dùm
    NVC Case : HCM2010534028
    Dear TRUC VY LE:
    The enclosed information pertains to your interest in immigrating to the USA . The information concerning your registration is noted at the end of the letter
    Unfortunately , visa numbers are not presently available for your use . You will be notified when further consideration can be given to processeing your applicantion for immigration . The reason for this delay is that there are more applicants for visas than there are immigrant visa number available under the limitation prescribed by law . For some visa categories , for example F3 or F4 ,this delay could be many years . Should you wish to know which Priority dates are currently being processed , you may call the State Department's Visa Office at (202) 663 1541
    you are coutioned that you must not make any firm plans , such as disposing of property , giving up jobs , or making travel arrangements at this time . We have no way of predicting when it will be possible to proceed with your immigrant visa application .
    You need not check us further unless you need to report a change of address or a change in your personal situation which may affect your entitlement to an immigrant visa .
    we will keep your case on file until further action is possible . When communicating with this office ,either by telephone or letter , you must always refer to your name and case number exactly as they appear below .
    mong ACE xem HS mình chừng nào mở . XIN VÔ CÙNG BIẾT ƠN

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    Oct 2010
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    Mặc định Ðề: Hcm2010534028 pd 17mar2005

    tạm hiểu: NVC thông báo diện xin visa của bạn phải chờ đợi lâu,họ đã lưu hs bạn ,khi nào mở họ sẽ liên hệ với bạn ,họ khuyên bạn không nên đi du lịch,bỏ việc ...vào lúc này,lý do của sự chậm trễ này là có quá nhiều hs xin visa trong đó hạn mức chỉ có hạn....,nói tóm lại bạn vui lòng chờ

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