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A Life without Love from Family
The story Metamorphosis from Franz Kafka, who was one of the most greatest German writers in the century 20th and lived from 1883 to 1924, makes me feel hurt and sad very much. It was too unfortunate for Gregor, who was the main character in this story, to live in his family. His father beat him up with a walking stick and a newspaper and his family locked him in his room when he became a cockroach. But why did he become that insect? Full of pity, Kafka chose to have Gregor turn into a giant insect, which was a monstrous cockroach as large as a man. Even though Gregor worked hard to support his family and paid the family debt, he did not receive the true love from his family.

Kafka let Gregor turn into an awful insect to rebel against his father and become a parasite to his family. I think that this change was also Kafka’ s desire. He thought he was as weak and spineless as Gregor. Actually, when Gregor became a cockroach, his mother screamed and fainted, his father wept. He not only frighten his family but also got what he wanted to keep. He climbed the bedroom walls and pressed himself against the picture to save it from being taken. Besides, his family leaned on him to survive but they did not love and respect him at all. His father threw apples at him and his sister wanted to remove him out of the family. Being a parasite to his family, he was fed and would be free with no responsibility. But this metamorphosis could punish his family, it also punished himself and gave him the physical and emotion hurt.

Lacking the love from family made Gregor feel extreme pain. When people call someone “a cockroach”, it means that person is spineless and cowardly. Kafka let Gregor turn into a disgusting insect to show his strong resistance to his father. Because Kafka's father often yelled at him, grabbed him out of bed and locked him outside in the dark when he was only three or four years old. Gregor’s death at the end the story stood for Kafka’s sadness and The Metamorphosis showed how very pitiful is if people have a life without love from their families.